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About The Server

Lineage 2 Interlude
EXP/SP: x200
Active Anti-Cheat Ready
Adena: x75
GMShop (S-Grade Items)
NPC Buffer  All Free
Global Gatekeeper
Drop: x2
Class Transfer (Free)
Subclass 3 Subclasses + Main
Olympiad 7 Days +6 Enchant
Epic Boss Drop: x1
Buff Slots: 24 +4
Shift + Click Check Droplist
Geodata L2 OFF (PTS)
2 Players Min. To Play
Mana Potions 1500 MP/2 Sec
Auto-Learn Skills
Block Buff Skill
Global Trade Chat
/unstuck 30 sec
Noblesse Last Hit Barakiel
Olly Battles: 18:00 – 00:00


Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Chance: 65%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 60%

Clan Members

Max Clients/PC: 2
Max Clan Members: 30
Members Chaotic Zones:
18 players
Alliances Disabled

Raid Info

Core 21:00 Segunda-Feira Monday
Queen Ant 20:00 Todos os dias All Days
Orfen 21:00 Terça-Feira Tuesday
Baium 21:00 Sexta-Feira Friday
Zaken 21:00 Quarta-Feira Wednesday
Antharas 21:00 Sábado Saturday
Frintezza 21:00 Quinta-Feira Thursday
Valakas 21:00 +20 Min Domingo Sunday


Personalização detalhada de personagens.
Detailed character customization.

Troque 1 bilhão adena por 1 goldbar.
Exchange 1 billion adena for 1 goldbar.

.rb .epic
Confira o Bosses Status.
Check the Bosses Status.

Monte sua loja e deslogue seu personagem.
Set up your shop and log out your character.

Informações de nosso servidor.
Information from our server.

Troque 1 goldbar por 1 Bilhão.
Exchange 1 goldbar for 1 Billion.

Chat personagens Premium.
Premium characters chat

Top Clans Points.
Top Clans Points

Veja seus status de forma detalhada.
See your statuses in detail